Fly Ash Reference Material

ACIRS-A1-2016 is a Fly Ash reference material sold in 80 g units at a nominal top size of 63 µm.

This reference material is intended to be used as a quality control tool and to support the validity of analytical measurements.

Property values are provided for:

-  Oxidising and reducing ash fusion temperatures, and

-  Ash analysis parameters - SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, Na2O, K2O, TiO2, Mn3O4, P2O5, BaO, SrO and SO3

In addition, Co, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, V and Zn are included as indicative values.

Complete certification details and the Safety Data Sheet may be downloaded from the Additional Information area of this page.

Production and certification of this reference material was conducted in accordance with the technical and production requirements of ISO Guide 34 and the associated guidelines provided in ISO Guide 35. This work was overseen by ACIRS personnel representing Australian Coal Research Limited and the Australian Coal Preparation Society.

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Fly Ash Reference Material

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