About Us

ACIRS (Australian Coal Industry Reference Samples) is operated by a division of the Australian Coal Preparation Society (ACPS) on behalf of the coal industry. The ACPS is an independent, not-for-profit, industry body that supports the improvement of practices and technology in the coal processing and related sectors of the coal industry. The objectives of ACIRS are to:

  • Ensure that the Australian coal laboratory testing industry has access to reliable and cost-effective coal reference samples;

  • Promote the maintenance and development of Australian and ISO Standards that relate to the sampling, measurement and analysis of coal, coal products and by-products, and activities that support that outcome; and

  • Support and promote best practice in the Australian coal laboratory testing industry.

Representatives from the ACPS and the Australian Standards Committees on coal quality provide governance and technical support to ACIRS. A portion of all sales supports the development and maintenance of Australian and ISO Standards, particularly in relation to coal, sampling, analysis and coal preparation.

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